NMMA Innovation Award

pittman innovation award


EngineCheckup “The Immediate Marine Engine Analysis”

More than 90% of all mechanical problems can be avoided with proper preventative maintenance

Only one drop of oil required
Immediate Test Results
Multifunctional Results easily seen and interpreted
No tools or professional assistance required
No need to drain oil — sample taken from dipstick
Determine inefficient combustion
Determine oil condition
Determine sediment or grime, water or fuel in oil, and degree


Immediately detect and diagnose engine condition
Improve maintenance and repair scheduling
Identify problems before they become major repairs
Minimize downtime
Reduce repair costs
Prolong engine life
High value, low cost

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Engine Checkup is a patented internal combustion engine analysis tool. Engine Checkup quickly reveals: presence of water, fuel or anti-freeze and degree of each; Engine Efficiency (need of calibration) and Condition of Oil; Presense of Particulates (carbon) or Metal (wear). The Immediate Marine Engine Analysis.